Private/Group Tastings

Ever wanted to host your own private tasting for you and your friends? Look no further, private group tastings can easily be arranged. These can be tailored to specific events such as office parties, stag/hen nights, birthdays and other occasions. These can vary from introduction to styles, world beers and general merriment

Can work around specific themes, which include but not limited to:

  • Hops, hops & more hops
  • Introduction to Irish beers
  • Beers of Belgium
  • Red, white & brew (US craft beers and their evolution)
  • There’s more to beer than just hops
  • Innovative beers
  • For specific birthdays (e.g. for 30th birthdays, featured beers from the past 30 years)
  • Lager than life

Contact me directly to arrange a tasting and to discuss the type of tasting you’d like to arrange. A tailored tasting can easily be designed.


Hi there

Not sure you can help me but I’m having my stag in Galway in late May next month and was interested in a beer tasting session for all the lads. Is this something you can help with at all or?

Even if you’re not based in Galway I’d love if you could point me in the right direction of an establishment that would offer a similar activity ?

Thanks in advance