On the radio talking about the business of beer

Last Saturday I was invited on to RTE’s The Business Show along with Miriam Atkins, editor of Food and Wine Magazine to discuss craft beer. Conor Brophy was sitting in for regular host Richard Curran.

It was a lot of fun discussing a broad range of issues impacting the beer business. Yes, it meant an early start for a Saturday morning but anyone who knows me would know (for better or worse) that I’m always happy to talk about beer. It was a quick 11 minutes or so and I just hope that it goes to show that beer is a topic deserving of more airtime.


Beer Wars – Craft vs. “Crafty”

“The world’s population of beer connoisseurs has been steadily expanding over the last few years, and in the States this week a disgruntled beer drinker from California, Evan Peters, is suing Miller-owned Blue Moon for falsely advertising itself as a “craft” product. Are there some big beer wars brewing? Aidan Sweeney, Beer Sommelier, and Miriam Atkins from Food and Wine Magazine gave Conor an overview”.

Listen here